Saturday, 12 October 2013

Five Figure Day (5fday System)

Now at last Five Figure Day (5fday System) launched in 2013. We (as newbie) in internet marketing discover that the email 'list' is the most important thing to have for us to really making money on the internet. It is true what they said that "money is in the list". There's no doubt about it.

Whatever you did online, whether via advertising ,blogging, SEO, social media and thousand others, without a  list, then we will not going far and taste big success.

The truth is, i have discovered them myself after 2 years of trying to do business online. I have some revenue via Clickbank, CPA etc..but it's just too small for my business to survive!

The method that I have discovered is call The Five Figure Day by Bryan Winters.

This is by far the most successful system for list building ever release in the market. It is suitable for newbies and veteran alike.

And most interesting is you have choices to run it  FREE   or you can also pay for traffic for faster results.

At last may be we don't have to worry about money again.

Try your for $1.00 free trial now and share your results.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tips on: writing & advertising


1) Try a sales letter headline like ' Just Released! (product type, name or benefit)! '. You can use benefit bullets in your ads like ' One advanced/huge/best way... and How to win/wipe away... '.

2) Test an email subject line like ' (product type, name or benefit) Exposed! '. You might write benefit lines in your ads like ' A abundant/hypnotic/progressive way... and How to use/ward off... '.

3) Publish a blog post header like ' Introductory Offer: (product type, name or benefit)! '. You could type benefit phrases in your ads like ' The alternative/ideal/prominent way... and How to upgrade/weaken... '.

4) Create an advertisement headline like ' Imagine (product type, name or benefit)! '. You may test benefit bullets in your ads like ' (no.) amazing/immense/promising ways... and How to understand/ void... '.

5) Make a forum post subject line like ' Get Everything You Need To (product type, name or benefit)! '. You can set up benefit lines in your ads like ' One astonishing/important/prosperous way... and How to treat/vanish... '.

6) Write a banner ad headline like ' (product type, name or benefit) Is One Click Away! '. You might publish benefit phrases in your ads like ' A astounding/impressive/proven way... and How to transform/unlearn... '.

7) Use a sales video introduction like ' Say Hi/Goodbye To (product type, name or benefit)! '. You could produce benefit bullets in your ads like ' The attractive/incomparable/pure way... and How to trade/ triumph over... '.

8) Produce a text link advertisement like ' Just Launched! (product type, name or benefit)! '. You may prepare benefit lines in your ads like ' (no.) authentic/incredible/qualified ways... and How to study/trim... '.

9) Construct a web site title line like ' Birthday Sale! (product type, name or benefit)! '. You can post benefit phrases in your ads like ' One awesome/indestructible/quick  way... and How to stretch/terminate... '.

10) Formulate an audio ad introduction like ' Treat Yourself To (product type, name or benefit)! '. You might make benefit bullets in your ads like ' A beneficial/indispensable/radical way... and How to strengthen/take away... '.

( to be continue..)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

After 3+ years of membership at Wealthy Affiliate, I can safely and honestly say that WA is THE best place to be to learn and exceed with internet marketing.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Who is ERIC?

- The creator of No Cost Income Stream or NCIS ??

- Eric Holmlund is an online entrepreneur and marketer who has earned millions from his online endeavors. Offline he runs a small record label and has also done some video and music productions.

- He has a blog where he shares his tips for making money online. Eric's Tips is actually a series of Internet marketing lessons that when combined with his product reviews and other relevant tips could help anyone reading his blog to start making money online.

- He also has a page where he recommends Internet marketing products and services. Eric Holmlund does offer one-on-one business consulting for an hourly fee.

-Eric will consult with individuals or companies and can give advice on many aspects of Internet marketing including how to start an Internet business, the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, how to select a niche, how to develop a product, how to build a list, backend and OTO products, online branding of your Internet business, how to utilize pay-per-click (PPC) in your business, how to use search engine optimization (SEO) for your Website or blog to get high search engine ranking, how to successfully navigate the joint venture (JV) waters, how to automate your business, copywriting consultation, and how to maximize conversions from sales letters and marketing campaigns.

- He also is available to critique Websites. Eric Holmlund offers copywriting services because his sales copy has sold millions of dollars of products online according to his site. His normal rates are $15,000 to $20,000 for a sales letter.

By the way , this is unbiased  IM Report Card  ..see Eric's good reputation here..

- If you tired of purchased anything but with NO results, then Eric's NCIS is just for you!

- Hope you will found success!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beware of products on the internet...especially for the newbie..

They use dishonest and unethical marketing, and some me-too marketers are copying each other’s 

bad practices...

They prey on especially newbies...

Look at this valuable discussion going on   at Eric Holmlund's Forum...

PS. Tons of valuable information on this forum and also Eric's website!!! Enjoy !!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Mobile Money Pages..

I got my first international sales from this MMMP package by Andrew Davidson!

This is still like HOT cakes till today..

It's since 2011!!  The Software can generate income for you consistently!!